Courtney Bickert

Courtney Bickert's 4 lessons 

1. You should actively be connecting and networking
2. Find a mentor, or more than one, of any age and experience
3. Follow your heart - you know what will get you out of bed in the morning
4. Do something, anything

Stuart Williams 

Stuart Williams' 3 lessons 

1. Compromise
2. What is in our heart makes us a global force
3. GenZ is the transition team to the future


Lawrence Bloom 

Lawrence Bloom's 3 lessons 

1. You have control over how you see the world
2. If you want to know the future, create it
3. Find mentors to help and advise

Rania Hoteit

Rania Hoteit's 3 lessons


1.Be introspective of your strengths and weaknesses

2. Round out your skills, especially when it comes to decision making

3. Work on your reputation - it is your real business card

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Mark Sadovnick

Mark Sadovnicks's 3 lessons

1. Be authentic to yourself

2. Find what you are passionate about

3. Listen to everything

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Miki O'Reggio and Chelsie Lui

Miki O'Reggio's 3 lessons 

1.Follow your passion 

2. Be bold

3. Find your people 

Chelsie Lui's 3 lessons

1.Resist normal 

2. Reject pessimism for pessimisms sake 

3. Find your people 

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Russ Stoddard

Russ Stoddard's 3 lessons

1. Vote in all elections and volunteer

2. When you go to work, find a place that aligns with your values

3. Read- it is the best way to learn


Anika Mistry and Raina Jain

Raina Jain's 3 lessons 

1.For every non-activism post on social media, make sure you have one that is activism and education driven

2. Take the first steps- it's the hardest part

3. Maintain your dreams but make sure you are taking steps to bring that to fruition

Anika Mistry's 3 lessons

1. Be observant and aware of what you see on social media

2. If you see a problem, act on it - it does not matter how small 

3. Do not be afraid to reach out 

4. Do not be bogged down by the "no's"

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Rachel Hutchisson

Rachel Hutchisson's 3 lessons 

1.Relationships are everything 

2. Think about the type of setting and organization you want to be in

3. Understand experiences are learning opportunities, so try new things

Meg Heubeck

Meg Heubeck's 3 lessons 

1.Think for yourself 

2. Get out there and meet people 

3. Embrace dinnertime political discussions